Monday, 28 November 2016

New and improved Internet resilience

In November, after months of planning, we implemented the University's new link to our Internet Service Provider, Janet. Just like large companies such as Google and the BBC, we now have our own direct link to an Internet Exchange Point in London Docklands providing us with greatly increased resilience to potential network problems.

Back in January, the University lost internet access for several hours, leaving important IT services including MOLE and Google Apps inaccessible. This problem was caused by two separate but simultaneous failures in the Yorkshire and Humberside Region (YHR) network, which affected our primary and backup internet connections. Now, thanks to our new link to London Docklands, we are no longer reliant on the YHR network, meaning that any future faults on the network won't affect us.

As the new link will serve as our primary network connection, another benefit is that we can now dedicate a 10Gbps internet connection to high volume research use, including High Performance Computing.

The diagram below outlines what our network now looks like, with the new link shown in red: